Getting Validation From Your Customers

Wanted to feel validated is humane. We want other people to acknowledge our skills, looks, and so on. However, a validation from entrepreneurs coming from their customers.

If you are an entrepreneur yourself, you must understand the feeling of wanted the real validation from your customers. The validation is in form of providing real value to your customers. You can get the validation you want by paying attention to your own actions, as well as how you run your business and interact with your customers.

Providing real value to get validation from your customers

Running a business is not only about selling product or offering service. It is not the only thing that can make your business long-lastingly successful. You need to build and nurture your business everyday by making the right decision and building healthy relationship with your customers. Here are also things you can do to provide real value to your customers and get validation as the result:

Simplifying complicated thing so it becomes more understandable. You might have thought that you are already clear with what you do and offer. However, it doesn’t guarantee your customers feel the same. More often than not, entrepreneurs try to take advantage of ‘mystique’ to keep people curious or something. However, your customers might find it odd instead. It is not impossible for some of them to think you are just trying to trick them. Hence, don’t talk big or explain things using complicated terms. Make it as simple and as understandable as possible for your customers. This way, your customers will feel more comfortable of the value you offer through your service. 

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it is also important for you to exceed expectation. However, make sure you know the different between over-deliver and over-promise. Over-deliver is what you mean by exceeding expectation. Meanwhile, over-promise is making too many promises without keeping them. Hence, you end up disappointing your customers. If you over-deliver, it will be hard for your customers to move to your competitor because they have got more than what they expected from you. Do not just say yes just because it will please your customer if you cannot truly deliver in the end. 

Build referrals is essential for business. Entrepreneurs know that the competition in business world is fierce. Marketing and advertising are constant pursuit for entrepreneurs. And one element that can help out to standout is customer’s referral. When you have customer referral, you have opportunity reaching out to you. The highest praise for entrepreneurs is when customer trust them so much that they recommended using service or product to their circle of influence. 

Providing value to your customer to gain validation is not the end of your goal of business. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything. In fact, you still have rooms to improve even after you get validation from your customers. It just increases the risk of being complacent. Hence, always drive yourself to improve and show your worth.