The Packing Tips You Need for Your Surf Holiday

Surfing can only happen at beaches—but not just any beach. It has to be beaches with great rolling waves, steady-yet-strong swells, and accommodating winds. Surf holidays is bound with travel. You need to actually go to countries where the swells is cooking to get the best waves. However, the prep will be very different than your usual holiday. You can’t just pack up your summer clothes and toiletries and go. What about the boards? What other surfing equipment you need to have? How could you manage to keep it at budget? 

Today, we won’t give you the surf packing list—it’s abundant if you search it on the internet. We are talking about secret surf packing tips you might not know yet and definitely need to know. 

The Packing Tips You Need for Your Surf Holiday

The Surfboard for Your Surf Holidays

Do you know that the necessity to bring a surf board will largely depend on your destination? Popular surf destinations like Portugal, Spain, Morocco, or Bali has so much surf shops and surf board rental that you can rent at budget price. You can even buy a new surf board at the destination and sell it again at half of the price before going home. It’s even simpler if you plan to join a budget surf camp for your surf holidays in the destination. They usually have wide selection of surf boards, leash, fins, and other equipment for rent during your stay. It’s much more convenient and cost-friendly. 

The Packing Tips You Need for Your Surf Holiday

However, sometimes you do need to pack your own boards if you are going to more remote destinations. Though the beaches are more pristine and the waves better, surf facilities won’t be as frequent as they are in popular destinations. In places like Mentawai Island, Sumba, Nambinia, or Zanzibar, you might need to rely on your own surfboard. Be extra prepared with your budget, though. We know that the price for extra sport gear baggage have fly so high in these recent years. 

Keeping Your Surfboard Safe

Travelling with surfboard is risky. We know that the guys at the airline are not best known as the most careful handlers and they might not give your surf boards the proper care it needs. You will definitely need a heavy duty board bag in the size of your board. Make sure it’s appropriately padded to minimise bumps and trauma. Pack your towels, wetsuits, some clothes, and other soft materials for extra pads. You can also put bubble wrap on the deck of the surf boards for another extra protection. Know that signs usually occur on the nose and the tail of the board, so aim to wrap those parts. Better go big than arriving with broken boards on your awaited surf holidays.

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Now, towel is a must-pack item in your bag. But you don’t want to bring those fluffy, 100% cotton towel you love at home. They are indeed comforting and warm, but they are too bulky, too heavy, taking too much space, and dry too long under the sun. You want something that can actually dry your body but compact and light at the same time. Consider to invest on microfiber travel towels. They are extremely absorptive and lightweight. It dries pretty fast, too! 

Extra Fins for Secure Surfing Holiday

The Packing Tips You Need for Your Surf Holiday

You know how fins could get mysteriously misplaced or disappear, so always bring an extra set of fins whenever you go. Especially if you bring your own surfboard. Having different set of fins will also come handy if the surfing condition on your surf holidays changes unexpectedly. 

Bring A New Leash

Do you know that old leash can snap at times you least expect it? Always bring a new leash or the one that you only have slightly use it for your surf holidays. It’s very important especially if you plan to surf on reef breaks or at places/ times with rougher surf conditions.